The healthcare community has shown us that valuable data to drive Real-World
Evidence (RWE) and Lifesaving Insights (LSI) is trapped in repositories of
unstructured documents such as clinical notes, transcription text, lab tests,
and imaging and pathology reports.


While every client is unique, each project begins with the same question: How
do I get the data needed to solve my problem or answer my burning question?

VP Quality and Performance, Hospital
“I am looking to have greater insight into patients who most frequently re-enter our hospital. I would be interested in assessing if your technology can provide a more detailed understanding of this patient population.”
Medical Manager, Life Science Company
“Thank you for all your efforts and work so far. I am wondering if we can capture data being produced from a more robust oncology population on early access type programs by expanding your DARWEN™ platform to various hospital sites across the country.”
CTO, Contract Research Organization
“I am Head of Technology for a clinical research company that provides services for research teams in late phase and RWE research. I am interested in learning more about your technology to assess if it can provide benefits to our analytics platform.”
Insights Manager, Life Science Company
“We are looking for assistance around our future cardiovascular products. We expect challenges with regards to reimbursement, so we need help finding patients who have an unmet need who can pay for our product.”

Research ethics boards have approved the use of our technology as an
alternative to manual chart review, and for use in clinical trials. Here’s why they
trust us:

We exceed the gold standard of manual chart review.

Our technology was found to be more accurate and consistent in a fraction of the time and cost.

We exceed the highest privacy protocols.

DARWEN™ deploys securely behind a firewall or in a secure cloud environment with no persistent data storage.

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“We were originally interested in Pentavere for our research program, but it quickly became apparent that their value would also significantly enhance our quality assurance programs and clinic efficiencies. The accuracy of the data derived by Pentavere was exceptional. The Pentavere group has been a pleasure to work with.”

– Dr. Jane Batt
Medical Director, Tuberculosis Program
St. Michael's Hospital
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