What does Pentavere do?

Pentavere is a highly-regarded healthcare technology company that uses its expertise and breakthrough Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Natural Language Processing (NLP) proprietary technology engine called DARWEN™, to quickly and economically extract Real World Evidence (RWE) and Life Saving Insights (LSI) trapped in large repositories of existing unstructured healthcare data that few thought could ever be electronically aggregated and analyzed.

These large repositories of unstructured healthcare data include clinical notes, transcription text, lab tests, pathology, and diagnostic reports which capture the entirety of the patient journey

What is the problem that Pentavere solves?

There is a growing recognition in the healthcare community among clinicians, researchers, key opinion leaders, planners and administrators that the overwhelming majority of meaningful evidence required to practice Evidence Based Medicine is trapped in large repositories of electronically inaccessible unstructured documents which include clinical notes, transcription text, lab tests, and diagnostic and pathology reports.

Real World Evidence and Life Saving Insights that can be gained are endless. Some examples include:

A small number of major healthcare providers, research institutions and pharmaceutical organizations have the large budgets required to pay for manual chart review and data extractions. However, the process is not only expensive, it is time consuming, inconsistent, and does not capture the true reality of real world patient populations.

Pentavere’s experts using the DARWEN™ technology engine allow for Real World Evidence to be electronically extracted quickly, economically, consistently, accurately, and in large volumes.

Who does Pentavere do work for?

Pentavere does its vital work for large hospitals, major research institutions, leading multinational pharmaceutical organizations, specialty clinics, healthcare technology companies, and global non-governmental organizations.

What are some of the positive testimonials Pentavere is receiving from its clients?

“Pentavere will allow us to query our lung cancer data and give us an accurate snapshot of current clinical practice, treatment patterns and real-world outcomes for advanced lung cancer patients. Automated chart reviews will streamline and accelerate our ability to collect lung cancer patient data on an ongoing basis, review outcomes and quality of care, ask clinically relevant questions, and advance research in the field.”

Dr. Natasha Leighl,
Group Lead, Lung Medical Oncology
University Health Network, Toronto Canada


“We were originally interested in Pentavere for our research program, but it quickly became apparent that their value would also significantly enhance our quality assurance programs and clinic efficiencies. The accuracy of the data derived by Pentavere was exceptional – much more than we had hoped for. Furthermore, the Pentavere tool extracts data directly from our transcribed clinic notes with no extra human resources required by us. The Pentavere group has been a pleasure to work with.”

Dr. Jane Batt
Medical Director, Tuberculosis Program
St. Michael’s Hospital


“In a competitive marketplace, anecdotal evidence is not enough to support the critical business decisions that materially impact pharmaceutical brand performance. Pentavere provides us with a quantitative means to confirm market assumptions and find the answers to questions that had previously been difficult to answer.”

Lionel Houle
Head of Immunology
UCB Canada Inc.


“We challenged Pentavere’s platform to extract both relatively simple and complex information from text data and, relative to a cumbersome manual chart abstraction process, we achieved accuracy of well over 90% within minutes.”

Dr. Muhammad Mamdani
Director, Li Ka Shing Centre for Healthcare Analytics Research and Training
St. Michael’s Hospital


“Pentavere unlocked information I didn’t know I could access. With their help, We were able to make use of data in a way I didn’t think possible.”

Jason Goldberg
Ideal Life Inc.


“Pentavere has been selected specifically because of their expertise in unhiding valuable information within unstructured data with high accuracy. By enabling a comprehensive informed decision-making process, Pentavere will contribute to making a significant impact on the health and livelihoods of adolescent girls in the Mara, Kenya.”

Dr. Irene Podolak
Managing Director
Advancing Health Alliance
Adjunct Professor
Department of Health Sciences
Brock University


“Providing my sales team with tools that break through the noise and have an impact with our customers is challenging. Pentavere’s unique capability allowed us to zero in and learn more about specific populations with specific indications. My sales team is more equipped to be successful because of our work with Pentavere.”

Lisa Arbuckle
National Sales Manager, Immunology
Large Innovative Life Science Company


“The Pentavere team provides a unique, highly engaged methodology for addressing specific business objectives rather than simply providing another dataset for analysis.”

Debra Yetman
Senior Manager, Business Analysis and Information
Large Innovative Life Science Company

How are you different from the many other companies that structure, analyze and create insights from hard-to-access unstructured electronic health data?

Our clients tell us that we can do things our competitors cannot in a way that is simple, fast, and gets amazing results. Our approach always starts with a problem or question a client has who are unable to get at the precise data they require, in the way they need, to solve it. There is no project too small or too big, or any we do not accommodate. We have received high praise for our flexibility to fit within our clients budgeting process, and time constraints, while always delivering on-time and on promise. Although it has not occurred, if we do not deliver the results we commit to, we would never imagine invoicing a client.

What happens with my data?

Pentavere recognizes that your data is your greatest asset and your intellectual property. We have designed our technology and built our business with that truth at the core of what we do. Pentavere does not collect or store your data nor do we retain it. We do not do anything with your data unless explicitly authorized to do so.  Our technology deploys securely behind a client firewall or in a secure cloud environment with no persistent data storage. Unlike many other AI and machine learning companies in the market today we do not require ownership rights to your data. Our goal is to empower you and enable you to use and make sense of all your data to improve health outcomes and save lives with your data.

How do you handle personal health information and manage privacy?

Pentavere does not collect or store personal health information. We act as a service provider to our client or to the custodian of the health information to process, structure, and analyze it through our technology and expertise on their behalf. We always work within and satisfy the security and privacy requirements of our clients and abide by the privacy laws for every jurisdiction we work in.

Our process exceeds the gold standard of manual chart review. We maintain data provenance at every step in our process, measuring accuracy and reporting for every variable we analyze. Our technology can deploy securely behind a client firewall with no persistent data storage satisfying the strictest privacy protocols and has been approved by research ethic boards, used for clinical research, and trusted by leading institutions, clinicians, non-governmental organizations and global life science companies.

How does your Business Model work?

We work in accordance with what our clients want and need to solve the problem they have. We recognize our clients have different requirements, with different constraints, operating in different environments. The projects we have done span answering a single real-world evidence question for an executive presentation, to deploying our technology in multiple sites to generate ongoing lifesaving insights for high mortality oncology patient populations, and everything in between.

We pride ourselves on working on behalf of our clients with whatever size project which they wish to engage us in.  We know that behind every project there is a person who will be helped with the data and insights our technology and expertise can provide.

Can I work with Pentavere directly or do I need my IT department to contact you?

Some clients ask us to begin working with their IT partners before a project begins.  Other clients share that there are so many IT projects on the go, and ask us to work independently. All of our clients value their IT departments. Valuing IT department’s time, energy, and expertise has informed how we designed our technology and how we work with clients.

DARWEN™ is designed to enable unstructured data input from disparate interfaces and formats efficiently. We adapt to whatever format our client data is in rather than asking our clients to adapt to us. Our technology is a low-touch deployment and can easily assimilate data without connecting to your architecture or integrating different systems. Similarly, we output the structured data to the exact format and location our clients specify. We have delivered data as large excel spread-sheets to real-time feeds into a data lake and everything in between.