Pentavere combines technology and expertise to extract and make sense of meaningful information from unstructured data to solve real-world problems with real-world evidence.
We are different because our technology and expertise has solved difficult problems and received strong testimonials from diverse organizations within the healthcare space. Unlike other solutions Pentavere is not simply a data collection tool rather we extract features and insights with high accuracy and at scale directly from content within free text and digitized PDF documents.
Real-world evidence is information stated in sources outside of studies and trials. In health care, real-world evidence refers to data present within electronic medical records, billing databases, physician notes, and more. The data we typically extract includes demographics and social factors, drug utilization, leading drug indications, physician diagnostic processes, and outcomes.
The power of real-world evidence over transactional data is the ability to answer not just what, but why. Real-world evidence is free from bias inherent in survey data, and states facts rather than a probability or prediction of the reality. For example, if a patient has chills, excessive sweating, and shaking, at least 25 conditions might be diagnosed based on those symptoms. With real-world evidence, the exact clinical diagnosis can be made based on the reported symptoms.
Unstructured data is any text that exists within a patient's health record.This includes:
  • Physician progress notes
  • Transcriptions and notations
  • Laboratory, vital diagnostics, and imaging results
  • Lab reports
  • Referral letter & consultation notes
Our technology can access all of these data sources. We have a proven track record extracting defined clinical features with high accuracy from each.
Our results make us different. Pentavere is in the market doing successful work for multiple, diverse organizations within the healthcare ecosystem.
Pentavere has received testimonials from some of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world, a prestigious teaching hospital in Toronto Canada, a fast growing health technology company, and international not-for-profits. We have also won two global text mining hackathons, besting major multinational corporations.
No. We aim to provide a solution that specifically avoids large IT projects by delivering content that is complementary to what IT already delivers. Pentavere's technology works on projects of any size, ranging from hundreds of records to millions.
No. Pentavere's technology will adapt to whatever format your data is in. Our platform is a low-touch deployment and can easily assimilate data without connecting to your architecture or integrating different systems. For example, simply uploading PDF documents allows us to uncover knowledge once considered only available through manual extraction.
Pentavere launched in healthcare because we saw an opportunity to address a major need that, if solved, would save lives: over 80 per cent of healthcare data is not analyzed because it exists in unstructured formats. This means that you and I cannot receive the best possible care, and hospitals can make decisions based only on the small amount of knowledge they can access.
Although we started in health care, we believe our technology and expertise can benefit other industries, including:
  • Finance & Financial Funds
  • Insurance
  • Law
  • Government
We work with hospitals, specialty clinics, leading multinational pharmaceutical companies and global not-for-profits.