What We Do
Pharma companies, governments, and healthcare systems spend 100 millions of dollars to manually extract important health information buried in unstructured clinical narrative sources.

Our technology platform DaRWEn™, extracts real world clinical insights at high precision, recall, and speed transforming unstructured data into "row and column" data sets ready to use in diagnosis analytics, predictive applications and machine learning algorithm training.

We unleash clinical information from:
Progress Notes
Referral Letters
Transcription Text
Lab Reports
Before working with Pentavere, many healthcare organizations
considered these types of data impossible to gather and analyze
without thousands of hours of manual work.

Our Work
Life Science Companies
Life science companies understand what is happening in their market today, but don't have visibility into the important questions of why, making forecasting and brand planning a challenge. Pentavere helps life science clients understand the why, empowering them to
Understand the Patient Journey
Better understand the patient
journey from symptoms and
diagnosis to treatment and
Evaluate the Market
Access market-sizing insights not
available in traditional
transactional data sets like
pharmacy data
Forecast More Accurately
Enhance forecasting
assumptions and brand
planning processes with precise
real-world evidence inputs
Help Physicians Provide Care
Elevate physician
engagements by being more
informed of what is
happening in the market
"In a competitive marketplace, anecdotal evidence is not enough to support the critical business decisions that materially impact brand performance. Pentavere provides us with a quantitative means to confirm market assumptions and find the answers to questions that had previously been difficult to answer."
Lionel Houle - Head of Immunology, UCB
Canada Inc.
Health Systems
Physicians create and document a significant amount of data that can't be easily accessed and leveraged to meaningfully support improved care.
Pentavere helps clinics monitor intervention and improve care by:
Creating patient registries directly from the information contained in physician's transcription notes
Providing the capability to gather patient insights and perform trend analyses as part of ongoing clinic operational processes
"We were originally interested in Pentavere for our research program, but it quickly became apparent that their value will also significantly enhance our quality assurance programs and clinic efficiencies. The accuracy of the data derived was exceptional, and more than we had hoped for. Furthermore, given the tool extracts data directly from our transcribed clinic notes with no extra human resources required. The Pentavere group has been a pleasure to work with."
Dr. Jane Batt - Medical Director,
St. Michael's Hospital Tuberculosis Program
The majority of data contained in electronic medical records is not analyzed because it's difficult to extract. Pentavere helps hospitals better understand the patient community being served by transforming unworkable free text data into meaningful insights. This enables hospitals to
Analyzing over 85,000 electronic medical records
Performing research analytics to align with Canadian diagnosis standards
Providing increased understanding of major community health challenges such as under-housing, problem use of opioids, diabetes, and hypertension
"We challenged Pentavere's platform to extract both relatively simple and complex information from text data and, relative to a cumbersome manual chart abstraction process, we achieved accuracy of well over 90% within minutes."
Dr. Muhammad Mamdani - Director, LKS-CHART, St.
Michael's Hospital
Strategic Partners
Health Technology Companies
Many health technology companies are not able to use a large volume of the data assets they collect.
Pentavere helps these companies make sense of the data so they become true assets that provide

meaningful metrics for their customers.

Facilitate inter-system information flow for the company's IT department by standardizing clinical concepts derived from free text
Enable partners to provide quality metrics and scorecards to their clients that improved care and patient experience
"Pentavere unlocked information I didn't know I could access. With their help, I was able to make use of data in a way I didn't think possible."
Jason Goldberg - President, Ideal Life
International Non-Profits
Pentavere helps international non-profits uncover important health information in unstructured sources to facilitate health promotion in underserved global communities.
Take a critical role in their latest health promotion project in the Mara, Kenya, improving adolescent girl's health, human rights, and livelihood through analytics
Uncover important health information within unstructured data collected from multiple sources, including surveys and text messages

"Pentavere has been selected specifically because of their expertise in unhiding valuable information within unstructured data with high accuracy. By enabling a comprehensive informed decision-making process, Pentavere will contribute to making a significant impact on the health and livelihoods of adolescent girls in the Mara, Kenya."
Irene Podolak - Managing Director, Advancing Health Alliance
Our Collaborators